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Download FB Videos is an online and free Facebook video downloader which quickly downloads selected Facebook video(s) to your computer, laptop and mobile. Unlike other Facebook downloader for videos, is simple to use and downloads Facebook videos from Facebook pages in few seconds. The web platform for FB video downloads work for any operating system working with your computer or laptop.

Underneath are all easy steps to download Facebook videos using our web platform:

Step 1 Find out Facebook video URL

Make sure the video you want to download is hosted over Facebook and it should be in public video category. If the video is there on Facebook then, make a right click to open that Facebook video within a new tab so that you can easily copy the Video URL. If you get the Facebook Video Link/URL from URL box, move to next step.

But doing this, you need to check if the video is public or not:

  • Right click to the Facebook video and click on "Show Video URL"
    show video url
  • Copy the Video URL
    copy url
  • Now come out from Facebook account by clicking over Logout tab. Paste the Video URL/link in the URL box. If you can easily see the video then it is categorized as public video. Otherwise, you will get some error like "This content is currently unavailable". If you find the video as Public video then, move ahead.

Step 2 Open Download FB Videos Downloader

Go to our website Download FB Videos to download or save that Facebook video to your personal computer. In the video URL box, paste the copied video URL/link and click on the "Download" button for downloading selected Facebook video.
paste url

Step 3 Download & Save Facebook video to selected folder

Your selected Facebook video is now downloaded, you just need to select "Save link As.." option to save it to chosen folders of your computer.
download video

Getting real video URL/link source is not simple and easy because these are embedded and coded links so, you can get help from our tool to download Facebook video. Basically, Facebook videos are located on Facebook servers like Google servers are there for YouTube videos. If you find yourself unable for downloading FB videos then, the video might be in private security constraints or you have followed the wrong procedure for FB video downloading.

However, if there are any of such annoying concerns then, you can quickly contact to us. Our experts are there to help you round 'o' clock.

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